Jaguar XJ (X300)


The Jaguar XJ (X300) is a full-size luxury saloon car manufactured by Jaguar Cars between 1994 and 1997. It was the first Jaguar XJ produced entirely under Ford Motor Company ownership and can be considered an evolution of the outgoing XJ40 generation. Like all previous XJ generations, it features the Jaguar independent rear suspension arrangement. The design of the X300 emphasized improved build quality, improved reliability, and a return to traditional Jaguar styling elements.

At the car’s launch in October 1994 at the Paris Motor Show, Jaguar marketing material made use of the phrase “New Series XJ” to describe the X300 models. The X300 series represented the result of a ¬£200 million facilities renewal program by Ford. The program introduced state-of-the-art automated body welding robots manufactured by Nissan¬†and was intended to show the future direction of the British auto industry. The X300 went on to become of Jaguar’s most successful models.


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